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Book the best group event ever!

Lasergaming have been hosting premier Group events in Oxford since 2002, to over 100,000 players. In fact we were the first EVER outdoor laser tag venue in the UK, so we know what makes the best event on the planet!

If your the group organiser and have been give the responsibility of pulling off an awesome event for everyone to enjoy – then we know the pressure is on you and we’ve got the perfect solution!

Whether your looking for a group event for a youth organisation, a sports team celebration, a social group or a bit of a get together with family and friends our sessions will be full of fun and hassle free.  With 8 different gaming guns to choose from, there is something for everyone from the small light weight models to the big guns!

When it comes to group events, people’s expectations for the activities are way higher than they used to be, Karting, Bowling, Indoor laser tag/quest and Paintball (along with the bruises) just doesn’t cut it anymore and guests are looking for some adrenalin pumping fun that creates a memorable experience.

Our Lasergaming Group events are the ULTIMATE, MEMORABLE, authentic live combat gaming experiences where the players are part of the scenarios.  Our Battlefield is purpose built with real life movie props – we have a RAF Helicopter, A Lynx Helicopter, A Armoured personnell carrier, A Bus, old military buildings, snatch landrovers and much more!

We use the latest sophisticated gaming technology and only the very best Battlefield Sports Laser tag equipment which has been used at the Divergent movie premier in London, Gadget Show Live, Top gear LIVE and is also used in over 350 venues worldwide.  We are not indoor laser quest where you run around a dark maze with a phaser pack and shoot each other for 30 minutes, Lasergaming is like being in a movie where the plot is determined by you!

Why choose Lasergaming?

  • We are good at what we do and are experienced in making Group events amazing and memorable, no 2 events are the same.  We’ve had over 100,000 players play over the years so we are good at what we do!  Our focus is on Player experience and everyone having the best day ever, guests will be talking about your event for weeks.
  • We know how hard it is for the organiser to get everyone together and to collect all the money in so we love to reward our event organisers with a FREE place for themselves 🙂
  • We specialise in LIVE combat gaming scenarios with a military theme – by Theme we don’t mean a bit of camo net here and there and some MDF painted green and black, we mean REAL Helicopters, REAL armored personnel carriers, REAL military snatch land rovers, REAL bus’s and Real Hesco buildings! You won’t find any cardboard tanks or Chipboard buildings at Lasergaming
  • We have multiple gaming zones themed for different missions, with different objectives, with different terrains, so rather than just staying in one area for the whole session, our missions have an objective and the team need to meet the objective.  Players move from zone to zone making the experience more exciting and more like a computer game or movie.
  • Lasergaming is a TEAM game, not an individual game.  We run structured missions where all the team are involved and work together battling against another team.  Team strategy and tactics are required.
  • We have 8 different gaming guns! Something for everyone.  One size doesn’t fit all and there are many roles within the team for each mission.  Our gaming guns are  top of the range S.A.T.R digital gaming guns, built tough, with realistic sound effects, realistic weights and real scopes for a authentic combat experience!
  • In game player stats – No Awful HUMILIATION print outs ranking players from good to worst!  With Lasergaming Each player can see their own in game player stats updated in real time on their own gaming gun during the mission games, no more waiting for the end of the session to see how your doing.  Our awesome missions are not based on individual scores, your scored as a team.
  • We have over 1000 different missions to choose from, which means we have a lot of fun on our group events, we don’t just stick to the boring preset capture the flag and base assault games, we base our missions and games on the latest most popular games and movies out there and also themed on your celebration.  Our experienced staff can change up the games and missions, in game, making each experience awesome and our group themed missions are so much fun!
  • We provide Hassle free, Healthy, outdoor gaming events for Ladies and Gents of all ages and all physical capabilities, we take care of everything, providing you with  Commanding officers to take care of the groups, we run the most up to date missions, we can provide food options and can even arrange at an additional cost – personalised dog tags for each player for the medal ceremony.
  • We only use the very latest and BEST laser tag equipment on the planet! we use Battlefield Sports Equipment with the latest SATR 2.0 technology ensuring our players get the very best player experience available in the UK.  Our guns give Live feedback to the player and tell them when they have made a hit or received a hit!
  • There is no Paint or projectile involved, no masks needed, no pain, no bruises, no Lasers, just safe infra red that is used in your remote control at home.  No need to worry being covered in bruises on the next day.
  • No additional ammo or paint costs, the price you pay is all inclusive.  No hidden costs on the day
  • We have in game player perks in our missions featured in all the latest computer games where they can boost their health points, change weapons, boost armour etc
  • Our sessions are all weather events, so take place in sun, rain and sleet!  We are a wet weather provider and work off the motto there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing and besides who doesn’t like being childlike, getting wet and muddy and having fun!
  • We are one of the best when it comes to combat gaming experiences, DIVERGENT movie thought so – they chose us for their London Leicester square premier of the movie
  • We have over 100 gaming guns at Lasergaming which means we can cater for those huge battles so everyone can play at the same time.
  • Food options are available for an additional charge on site for our packages including Beef Burgers,  Veggie Burgers, Tea and coffee and new for March 2016 – Our new authentic Italian Pizza Oven – providing wood fired forest pizza.  To book these, you select from the food options at the time of booking

Group Packages


We have 4 Options for  Group sessions
  • 2 hour Group session – day sessions
  • Evening sessions – Monday – Friday & Weekends after 5pm.
  • 2.5hr Commando session – day sessions
  • Jungle commando Full day experience combining Lasergaming & High Ropes

Option 1: 2hr Group session (day)

  • 2hr Lasergaming Session – Day
  • Minimum Charge/Group size of 15 players (16th place free) – non exclusive
  • – non exclusive
  • No food included
  • Sessions times: 10am-12pm – other times may be available subject to availability please ask
  • £25.00 Per person
  • No further ammo costs on the day – all included
  • May be playing against other teams
  • Booking Terms and Conditions apply, please click here
  • prices effective from 1st January 2018
  • Evening sessions available in the summer months – see below
  • For sessions in the week – Minimum charged based on 20 players (Monday – Friday with 21st place free)
  • Check availability here if the date you require is not online please call us

Option 1.5: Evening sessions – Monday-Friday & Weekends from 5pm

  • Available for the 2hr option or the 2.5hr option
  • Minimum charged based on 20 players – non exclusive
  • Organiser attends free (21st Place) – Minimum charge 20 players, even if you have less.
  • No food included
  • Timings from 5pm onwards weekdays Monday – Friday
  • Start times at 5pm, 5.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm.
  • 2hr group session based on a minimum of 20 players – £25.00pp
  • 2.5hr group session based on a minimum of 20 players – £28.50pp
  • Booking Terms and Conditions apply, please click here
  • prices effective from 1st Jan 2018
  • Some dates are online for you to check availability here;
  • Please call the office if the date you require is not online on 01865 410074



Option 2: 2.5hr Commando Option (day)

  • 2,5hr Lasergaming Session
  • Minimum Charge/Group size of 15 players – non exclusive
  • Organiser attends free (16th Place) – Minimum 15 players.
  • No food included
  • £28.50 inclusive of vat Per Player based on Minimum 15 players
  • May be playing against other teams
  • Booking Terms and Conditions apply, please click here
  • prices effective from 1st January 2018
  • For sessions in the week – Minimum charged based on 20 players (Monday – Friday with 21st place free)
  • Evening sessions available in the summer months
  • Please call the office to check availability for this session on 01865 410074



Option 3 -Jungle Commando Option – £49.99 Per Player

  • High Ropes and Lasergaming Day
  • Be a Commando or GI Jane for the day
  • Based on a minimum group size of 15.
  • 2.5hr Lasergaming Session in the morning and then on to a high ropes tree top adventure in the afternoon!
  • the latest Digital S.A.T.R System
  • 8 weapons to choose from, M4’s, Sniper Rifles to Sub machine guns, there is something for everyone, and
  • No Masks, No goggles and better still No Pain!
  • Booking Terms and Conditions apply, please click here
  • Please call the office to check availability for this session on 01865 410074



Then you will break for lunch where you can buy a range of hot snacks like burgers and Pizza, tea and coffee’s.  Then on to our High Ropes Course in the afternoon for a 2-3hr + adventure, finishing with the 13m Drop Zone Parachute Descender, The ultimate Forest thrill! Earn your wings, after climbing 13m on to our launch platform, you will then prepare yourself for your descent, will you make the jump? Freefalling to the ground at speeds of up to 30mph – not for the faint hearted!!!Timings usually 10am-12.30pm – Break 12.30pm-1.15pm – 1.15pm over to ropes for a 1.30pm start on the high ropes course.

Sound good?

To book the full day option, please call us on 01865 410074 to book. The jungle commando option will need the assistance of the bookings team to make sure the timings work and to check availability for both activities on the day you select.  Minimum Group size of 15+ participants for the full day option.  Other options are available for smaller groups.If you require a session that is not listed above, please call us on 01865 410074 to discuss your requirements.

  • Group event FAQs

    We know how stressful booking an event can be and we hope to answer all your questions before you book your event with us. Below are a collection of questions other event planners have asked in the hope this can be of help in the future.

    What is the session format and how much time do we spending playing?

    On Arrival you will hand in your disclaimer forms to the commanding officer. You will then be briefed on the session ahead and begin kit up and weapon issue. Once you are ready the safety brief will begin and weapons training will commence. We will then form the teams and give you your first mission and send you on your way. This usually takes approximately 30 minutes in total. Throughout the rest of the session, other mission objectives will be given to you and you will continue to complete the mission objectives and you will continue gaming until the end of your session. If you are booking for the 2 hour option your game time will be 1.5hrs and if you are booking the 2.5hr option then the gaming time will be 2 hrs. The games are pretty full on and immersive so it will be action packed.

    Is this suitable for ladies?

    Absolutely YES! The Ladies LOVE Lasergaming, there is NO paint, NO projectiles, No Pain, NO bruises, NO masks and NO protective clothing needed just to play. We have 8 different gaming guns to choose from so we have the light weight SMG's that are only 2kg and we also have the big guns that weight 4kg so something for everyone in team. The way our games are structured it isn't all about who is the fastest and strongest, there are many roles within the team and Ladies LOVE Lasergaming because they feel they can join in the fun without being covered in bruises the next day!

    Do we play on our own or against other groups?

    If your group size is less than 25 players then the session will be non-exclusive so their MAY be others playing against your team.  If you are wanting exclusivity then you will need to book for 25 or more players.

    In the event that it is just your team playing at the time then your whole group will be split into 2 and the 2 teams will battle each other.

    If there is another adult group in at the same time then your whole group will stay as one and Battle the other group.  Other groups will have players that are only over 16 years of age.  These might be corporate events, stag & hen events or social clubs.

    We wouldn't ever split up any of the group and mix with another so if there are 2 different groups in at the same time then you would stick with your own teams, we would't split some of you up and make you play in a team with another group you don't know.

    If your group size is over 25 players or you are paying based on the minimum charge for 25 then your session automatically becomes exclusive to your group only.

    What is the minimum number we can book for?

    For our 2hr option, On a weekend (Saturday/Sunday), the minimum number you can book for is 10 players.  This is the minimum charge so even if you have 8 players you would still need to book and pay for 10 players for a weekend booking.

    During the week (Monday-Friday), the minimum number you can book for is 15 players.  This is the minimum charge so even if you had 10 players only, you would still need to book and pay for 15 players for a in the week booking.

    For both the 2.5hr and the Jungle Commando option the minimum charge/group size is based on 15 players.

    Does the Organiser attend FREE?

    Yes they do, we know when organising your group event we know your chasing responses and collecting in monies so as a reward we give you your place for FREE! The free place is in addition to the minimum numbers booked, so if your booking for x 10, you would still pay for x 10 and the 11th place would be free, or if you were booking for x 15 then the 16th place would be free for you.

    Can we provisionally book a session?

    Unfortunately we do not offer provisional bookings as all our bookings are offered online on a first come first served basis.  We have lots of gaming guns so we can usually accommodate groups on most days.  You can always check availability online and then once you have collected all your monies in and you ready to book, re-check availability online then if there is space you can process your booking online.  If there is a specific date you would like that is not online or a date that is in the week then please give us a call and we can check that for you on 01865 410074

    Will it hurt?

    Lasergaming has no projectiles so there is NO paint, NO projectiles, No Pain, NO bruises, NO masks and NO protective clothing needed just to play.

    What clothing/footwear do you need to wear?

    Depending on the time of year you will need to wear appropriate outdoor clothing - there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing!

    For winter months we recommend warm layered clothing, waterproof coat/Jacket, old clothes you don't mind getting muddy and grubby in the woodland, trainers or walking boots only - no open toed/open heeled shoes.  Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use.  Thin gloves, and anything else to keep you warm.

    In summer months we recommend long trousers (we are a woodland and insects live int he woodland), long sleeved t-shirt, trainers or walking boots only - no open toed/open heeled shoes.  Shoes must have adequate ankle support for outdoor use.  You may wish to bring a think waterproof coat if raining.  We recommend sunscreen and insect repellent.

    Please leave all valuables at home

    Is there parking?

    Yes we have plenty of FREE parking and also coach and minibus parking.  Players and visitors park at their own risk.  Please note Lasergaming UK Ltd does not accept liability for any loss or damage to motor vehicles, their accessories or contents whilst parked in our carpark.  Please leave all valuables at home.

    What is the difference between a group/stag/hen session and a pay and play session?

    A group session is specifically tailored and structured to the groups playing and their needs. The missions and the game play will reflect the type of event your attending. The missions will be fun but age appropriate.

    In the pay and play sessions we have families, kids and mixed adults/kids playing so our missions have to be very generic and suitable for both kids and adults.  They are very non-specific and non structured as the session is just for fun and there isn't any VIP's.  Players are mixed up in to different teams.

    Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

    Yes, all players must have a signed disclaimer form to play.   NO FORM – NO PLAY.  These are downloadable from our site.  If a player highlights a medical condition, they must provide details before the day, for example, if they have ticked back injury, they must provide details on the nature of the injury, how long ago etc.  If we feel the injury or medical condition may need further assessment we will recommend you discuss taking part in our activities with your GP as we are not medically qualified to assess you suitability to take part.

    Our Disclaimer forms require the player to confirm that they do not know of any medical condition that they suffer from which might have the effect of making it more likely that whilst under our care, the player be involved in an incident, which could result in injury to themselves or others.  This includes epilepsy, seizures, convulsions, Asthma, Back problems, recent injuries and other conditions.  In the event a participant discloses a medical condition, we would recommend they have written consent from their doctor to take part in the activities.

    In order to play Lasergaming, all players must be able to safely negotiate their way around our woodland and gaming zones and be able to hold their gaming gun unassisted throughout the duration of the gaming.  They must be free from serious injury.  Please call us on 01865 410074 if you are unsure about taking part.

    With good preparation and management of the session, it is not very often players can not take part, it is better to call us and check beforehand if there is anything you are unsure about so we can make preparations for that particular player, conduct the necessary risk assessments and check suitability in line with our company policies rather than them turn up on the day, and they can not take part due lack of time for preparation for medical conditions and injuries. They will also need time to check with their GP.  If we have recommended you check suitability or you disclose a medical condition, injury on the day on your disclaimer which we think increases the risk by you participating in our activities, we will ask you to sign an additional disclaimer.

    In line with health and safety legislation, If a player ticks the Asthma Box, they must have a inhaler with them to take part. We can not allow players to take part without their life saving medication to treat them in the event it is needed regardless of how long ago it was since they last had an attack.

    Please note we can not allow players with broken bones in casts to take part.

    What happens if it rains?

    Being in the UK where it rains ALOT, We are a wet weather activity which means we run our sessions in all weathers all year round. Providing you have the right outdoor clothing which is Key, you will still have an awesome time!  Our woodland is sheltered with leaf cover for most of the year.

    How do I book?

    To book your session pop over to our book online tab and select the type of session you are looking for.  If the type of session you are looking for is not showing online then please call one of our team and we will be happy to check the dates for you

    Do we pay a deposit or pay in full when booking?

    At the moment, to secure the booking you will need to pay in full at the time of booking.  One person needs to make the booking so it is a good idea to collect your monies in first.  Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

    Can I increase numbers nearer the time

    Yes of course subject to availability, it is always a good idea to drop us an email or give us a call if you are looking to increase your numbers so we can make sure we can accommodate the additional players.  We have over 100 gaming guns at Lasergaming.  If we can we will need to take payment to secure the additional places.

    Can I decrease the numbers near the time?

    We are a very busy site, so as per the booking terms and conditions we require 4 weeks notice for a full refund. We recommend booking for the minimum required and then increasing your numbers nearer the time rather than booking high numbers and then cancelling places.  Unfortunately we are unable to refund places which are cancelled within 4 weeks of the booking.  To stay cost effective to our customers, We also do not provide insurance for late cancellation of places due to illness or refund places for on the day illness's, please see our full terms and conditions of booking here

    Can we buy food onsite?

    On weekends Food is available from the Forest Cafe at an additional cost and can be ordered when booking or pre-ordered prior to your session.  From March 2016, players can also purchase wood fired pizza cooked in our authentic italian pizza oven in the woodland at an additional cost.

    During the week hot and cold food is subject to availability only - please check with us for availability.